• Western Classical Music

    A broad overview of Western music from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.
  • Ear Training

    Development of basic ear training skills through performance and recognition activities.
  • Jazz Harmony

    Principles of diatonic chord progressions , analysis and exploration of major key harmony.


Modern Music Academy (TR: Modern Müzik Akademisi, Abbr: MMA) is a private institution that specializes in education in the fields of music theory and music technology. Established in Istanbul in 2006, MMA grew rapidly, diversified its educational programmes and became the unchallenged leader in its own field.

MMA offers a wide variety of educational pathways to accomodate a multitude of real world scenarios: Anything from beginners’ classes offered to hobbyists on weekends, to specialized vocational training offered to industry veterans who just need to brush off their skills and adapt to state of the art technology.

What sets MMA apart is a global perspective and a commitment to maintaining close connections with a global network. All of its current instructors are alumni of Berklee College of Music, the world leader in the field of contemporary music education. They all have worked and taught at Berklee (in campuses in Boston and Valencia) and continue to maintain close connections with the institution. MMA’s instructors are also members of global associations in their respective fields (including Audio Engineering Society and Society of Music Education).

MMA is strongly committed to building close and functional partnerships with software developers and actively fights against software piracy. It is an Avid Certified Training Center, and has maintained close ties with Steinberg (Nuendo, Cubase, Dorico) and KV331Audio (Synthmaster).

If you need further information about our education programmes or our institution, feel free to drop us a line at info@mma.gen.tr

MMA Books

Basic Keyboard Techniques
Ear Training